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Scenic Pittsburgh Awards The Highline's Architect, Ryan Indovina, for Scenic Achievement

“This firm has given our region so many outstanding scenic and cultural assets through their design work,” he said. “There’s no question that they have greatly contributed to Pittsburgh’s scenic beauty and attractive greenspaces and are a leading example of the high aesthetic and environmental standards we advocate for.”

Last week, we hosted Scenic Pittsburgh to honor Ryan Indovina, the visionary behind the Highline. The Scenic Pittsburgh Award was given to someone who has shown a “consistent, long-term, and visionary commitment to protecting and promoting the region’s scenic resources.” The Highline, Indovina's most recent masterpiece, attracts people from all over the city to enjoy beautiful views, 21st-century office spaces, great eateries, etc.

McKnight Realty Partners is so proud to have worked with such an incredible architect to create a space that harmonizes historic charm and modern amenities.

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